states rights  (detail)

states rights


why crows?

When I first moved to Half Moon bay, I was in awe of the natural beauty around me. I was also particularly intrigued by the presence of wildlife, and the ubiquity of the crow population. In my regular walks, I had the opportunity to observe more of their behavior, their dramatic wings against the sky, and their acrobatic skill in dealing with the wind.

This lead to me think more about crows, their symbolism throughout history, and more recently, their metaphoric use in the American Legislative realm, specifically, the Jim Crow Laws. With the publishing of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, and the distribution of Ana DuVernay’s documentary, 13th, renewed light is being shed on the systemic impact of our choices as a country.

In my paintings I try to capture the beauty of the birds, their physicality, while acknowledging the complex and harrowing legacy of racism in the United States.